Crypto-Apocalypse: 20 billion USD in 24 hours

Just under 20 billion US dollars lost in just 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash is dying, its big brother has a similar situation. Dark times for crypto enthusiasts.

Yesterday’s crypto burglary simply has no end and almost all crypto currencies have reached a new low for the year. The total market capitalization is back at the August 2017 level. Last year’s crypto surge feels like a dream that has now been completely wiped out.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has fallen by over 13 percent. This is the first time Bitcoin has fallen below 5,000 US dollars since October and currently stands at 4,380 US dollars (equivalent to 3,827 €). 2018 feels like a reflection of 2017. At that time things were going uphill, the cops had control over the markets. Today it’s downhill, the bears are in control of the markets.

Ethereum’s end according to onlinebetrug?

Ethereum is dying says onlinebetrug. At least that’s how it feels. Read more about it: Every collapse hits the crypto currency particularly hard. Another SEC accusation against ICOs panics all participants (and probably also ICOs). The Ethereum rate stands at 128 US dollars (equivalent to 112 €), which has fallen by 19 percent. Thus the now third largest crypto currency after market capitalization – behind Bitcoin and Ripple – falls to its lowest level since May 2017. Even before the ICO boom phase Ethereum developed better than now. Is it the end of the exciting prices for ether?

Bitcoin revolution struggle for air

Altcoins suffocate. There seems to be hardly any oxygen left in the crypto basin. Bitcoin revolution has fallen by 45 percent in the last few hours and currently stands at 199 USD (equivalent to 174 €). This corresponds to last August. Bitcoin revolution has fallen so much that Stellar could take fourth place. And this despite the fact that the digital currency itself has suffered losses of almost 20 percent. XLM is currently traded for 0.18 USD (equivalent to 0.16 €).

Needless to say, the rest of the Altcoins are suffering. Only a few stable coins are safe from the apocalypse. The total market capitalization falls to a dangerously low level. Currently it stands at 142 billion US dollars (equivalent to 123 billion euros). Has the abyss now been reached or is the crypto apocalypse continuing?

Last Man Standing: Ripple (XRP)
The digital currency XRP is holding its own bravely. This, however, changed during the making of the article. Ripple initially lost only 0.3 percent and now over 10 percent. Ripple stood at 0.5 USD and now at 0.42 USD, equivalent to 0.37 €. Dark times.